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Where did potato chips come from?

The birth of the potato chip was the result of an amusing incident dating back to 1853, at the Moon’s Lake House restaurant, in the State of New York. It all began one August evening when a customer, offended by the greasy taste of his French-fried potatoes, sent them back to the kitchen. Chef George Crum, was equally offended by this return. Averse to criticism, Crum decided to seek revenge and furiously chopped a new batch of potatoes. Slicing them paper-thin, he threw them in a fryer filled with boiling-hot oil and removed them once they were crispy and golden. He then seasoned them merrily and served his dish to the picky patron.

Unfortunately, the desired effect was not achieved. Instead, the customer was delighted with the delicious taste of crunchy potatoes, and before long the restaurant’s chips became a treat enjoyed by the upscale clientele that frequented this holiday destination. And so the potato chip was born.

How many potatoes does it take to make a kilo of chips?

About three kilos of potatoes.

What type of oil does Yum Yum use to cook its products?

Yum Yum uses non-hydrogenated canola oil exclusively. Consistently preserving our products’ delicious taste and with zero trans fat, it is among the vegetable oils with the least saturated fat content.

Why are chip bags not filled to the top?

The air contained in bags of chips prevents potato chip breakage. It is the air that allows you to enjoy your chips whole and intact! Furthermore, potato density varies depending on each potato’s variety and time of year. Consequently, one and same weight of potato chips does not fill a bag the same way year round. Therefore some leeway has to be given for each bag to be properly sealed, and this “breathing space” is calculated according to the time of year where potato density is at its lowest. 

Where can a product’s expiration date be found?

Each product made by Yum Yum features an expiration date. It is usually written in black. The two letters stand for the month, the two first numbers are the day of the month, and the last number is the year. 

Do Yum Yum products contain preservatives?

Yum Yum chips as such do not contain preservatives. However, the seasonings may contain certain preservatives.