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Old Style

Our Old Style chips are made of thickly-sliced, carefully kettle-cooked potatoes, one recipe at a time, and then seasoned to absolute perfection. Savour them and discover the authentic taste of homemade chips that are sure to awaken childhood memories.

·         Sea Salt

·         BBQ Mesquite

·         Lime & Pink Pepper 

·         Bacon & Maple (seasonnal)


Enjoy as is or… Warm your chips. Our Old fashionned Kettle chips are now available in a warm up bag which is microwave safe so you can enjoy an ultimate culinary experience.

Our products

BBQ Mesquite 210g
Old Style
Lime and 3 Peppers 210g
Old Style
Maple and Bacon 210g
Old Style
Sea Salt 210g
Old Style
White balsamic vinegar 210g
Old Style